The Best Rooms (and the Worst) for Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to home repairs, there’s always something to fix. Whether you need to fix up your nassau siding or need to repair your chimney, your home can always find something to keep you, your general contractor, and your long island chimney company busy. The same is true of hardwood flooring. Though it is highly versatile and can last for decades with minimal maintenance, that doesn’t mean that it should be ubiquitous. Planning on changing your garage door or need it repaired, go visit Garage Door Company Long Island There are certain areas in your home where hardwood flooring is less than ideal.

If you are planning to upgrade the flooring in your house, you might be considering hardwood at Hardwood Floor Company Long Island. It’s a great option, as there are so many looks and styles available, and it will certainly give your home a timeless look and even increase the value of your home. However, before you decide to install hardwood just anywhere, you want to take the time to make sure that you are having it laid in the most optimal locations. After all, hardwood is an investment, and it’s one that you want to keep for as long as possible. 

In order to help you gain an understanding of where you should (and shouldn’t) install hardwood floors long island, here’s a look at the best and worst rooms for this type of floor.

Where to Install Harwood Floors

You will adore how rich, beautiful and versatile hardwood floors will look in any of the following rooms. And, better yet, you won’t have to worry about a shortened life expectance, so long as they are properly maintained. if you need help with deer go here deer control Long Island

The Living Room

The living room is the place in your house where everyone meets. It’s also the ideal place to showcase your style preference. From teak to cherry, and from wide planks to thin, hardwood floors will serve as a beautiful and eye-catching backdrop for your living room. Especially if your living room have a old fashioned Chimney installed. Getting this cleaned and looking great can also protect your hardwood floors. Call up a chimney cleaning company to get it done right. 

Though hardwood is durable, there are some things that you can do to extend its life and keep it looking great for years to come. Should the occasional spill occur, make sure that you wipe it up as soon as possible. Also, instating a “no shoe” policy can help to eliminate debris that could potentially scratch the surface. You might also want to consider placing an area rug underneath the furniture in the main gathering spot. This will add some warmth to the area, but more importantly, it will help to prevent damage while still allowing your long island floor refinishing to be seen. Remember to practice safety. Refinishing can cause your wood to be flammable depending on the type of finisher. If you choose a low combustible finish for your floors you’ll be good to go but if you need another layer of protection it’s recommended you find a good quality fire extinguisher from a fire extinguisher shop nyc. 

The Dining Room

Whether you want a formal or casual dining space, hardwood flooring can easily be used to create both vibes. Plus, hardwood will serve as a beautiful background for your dining room furniture and all of your dinner parties, both formal and informal.

Whatever type of hardwood flooring you choose for your dining room, do take the proper precautions to maintain its appearance. The constant rubbing of chair and table legs can lead to serious damage on your wood floors. By applying some soft pads onto to the bottoms of the table and chair feet, you can prevent scratches and gouges.

The Home Office

Another great spot for hardwood flooring is your home office. It will lend a certain sense of professionalism to the space. Plus, it helps to maintain a neat, tidy appearance. Moreover, some design experts say that the hardwood flooring improves positive emotions, which can actually help to boost productivity. And while you’re at it, you should stick a fire extinguisher sign nyc in your home office so it’s easy to locate in case of any emergency. If you’re looking for a way to promote your efficiency while working, you should definitely consider installing hardwood floors in your home office. 

The Bedroom

Whether it’s the master suite or a child’s bedroom, hardwood is an excellent option. In the master bedroom, it will add a touch of sophistication and romance. In a kid’s room, it will be far easier to care for than wall-to-wall carpeting. Plus, if you are concerned about allergens, you won’t have to worry about them with hardwood floors, as there aren’t any fibers for airborne particles to get trapped in.

Where Not to Install Hardwood Floors

Due to the exceptional qualities that hardwood offers, many people are inclined to get someone to install it in every room in the home. However, while wood flooring is relatively easy to maintain, there are some spaces where it isn’t a good option. 

If you install hardwood in the following locations, you will likely end up regretting it.

The Bathroom

Hardwood has two arch nemeses: water and moisture. Bathrooms have a lot of both. Even if your bathroom is well-ventilated and you make sure that the surface is wiped up after every shower and bath, there’s still a chance of damage. If you don’t completely dry the floor (or someone else who may not be as mindful as you doesn’t,) the floors could sustain irreparable damage.

The Laundry Room

If you were to never spill laundry detergent or liquid fabric softener, hang up wet clothing, toss damp items on the floor, or can guarantee that your washing machine will never overflow, then hardwood flooring may be a good choice for the laundry room. however, since there are no guarantees in life, it’s best to avoid installing hardwood flooring in a laundry room. There’s just too much moisture and humidity in this space, so it isn’t exactly an ideal spot for hardwood.

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Though there is certainly a place for hardwood in every home, it isn’t ideal for every space. If you are interested in wood flooring, contact a long island general contractor today! We’ll help you find the perfect option for the right space in your home.

Outside Deck/Patio

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